Adult Bible Studies on Sunday @ 10:15

Engaging the Enemy - It seems that it is harder these days to find the truth and many are being deceived (by the deceiver himself). This study will look at what scripture has to say about our enemy the devil, and his strategies and tactics. We will look at how he uses distractions, deception, twisting something good, emotions, procrastination, wrong focus that can trip us up, and others. Then we will look to scripture to see how to combat these tactics.

Servanthood and Leadership in the book of Nehemiah - Nehemiah’s list of personal attributes and leadership skills read like the latest trendy “how-to” book on effective leadership. It’s all there – mission, vision, planning, mobilizing, opposition, and triumph. But to say that the Book of Nehemiah is about leadership would minimize its significance in God’s providential plan of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Aided by commentary from Dr. Chuck Swindoll on the Book of Nehemiah from his book, “Hand Me Another Brick”, this 8-week Adult Bible Study will set out to explore the historical significance of Judah’s return from exile and offer best practices in serving and leading. Each week is a new topic that stands on its own, so we cordially invite moms, dads and grandparents, students and young professionals, government employees and military service members, followers and leaders, teachers, seasoned professionals, deaconry and laypeople, and retirees – anyone with a desire to learn, serve, and lead – to join us at any time through this series!

Principles for Future Leaders from Daniel and Esther -  Brian Jenkins will be leading this class each week for the Young Adults.


High School and Middle School students will be meeting to learn about being an effective witness for Jesus in our complex culture.