Adult Bible Study at 9a

Shorter NT Epistles:  Shorter, but no less significant, this discussion class will pull truth and application from these shorter books. Meeting in Activity Room #1
Middle School and High School Students
: In a study called Wholehearted Discipleship – this week is “Disciples Know Their Gifts”. Meeting in Room #9
Young Adults: will continue their study of the book of Acts with Brian Jenkins in Room #7

Adult Bible Study at 10:30a

Meet Your Missionaries: Each week, the Missions Advocacy Team will focus on an amazing story of a pioneer of the modern missionary movement, a short video description of a missions topic, and then a deeper look into one of our own global partners. Meeting Activity Room #1
The Names of God: Dive deeper into God’s Word as John Burkhart looks at how the names of God describe His character and activity. Meeting In Room #8