Bringing the Glad Tidings of Christ By Training & Equipping the Indigenous Church

GTI Hope is the international, support-raising vehicle used to direct prayer and funds to IBL. Dr. William and Joyce Scott were missionaries for over 50 years where they founded IBL before retiring and turning the ministry over to national leaders in 2002. IBL is currently an organization staffed by over 150 employees and assisted by 2000 national volunteers.

The purpose of IBL is to train and equip the indigenous church so that it can reach its own people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Currently IBL distributes over 10 million pieces of Scripture and Scripture-related materials each year for use by the indigenous church. All donations given to IBL go directly to the ministry. The proceeds from the sales of literature are used to pay the salaries of the staff. This unique form of using money has never failed the ministry.

Pray for the need for Bibles to be met, as each day IBL receives requests for at least 2,500 Bibles. Pray God would grant them wisdom and faith in all of their decisions. Pray that the work supported by Faith Community Church among the indigenous people will continue to reach out to with the gospel message. Pray that God would raise up additional persons to make the needs and opportunities to Christians in the United States. Pray for the protection of Christians abroad. Pray for our brothers and sisters who are suffering prolonged persecution for their faith. Pray for the many projects they are involved in, including literacy classes and a water well ministry.