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Good News Jail and Prison Ministry International

Good News Jail and Prison Ministry in Malawi and Zambia. “Prison is a miserable place to find yourself – but overseas people who are incarcerated often face inhumane conditions – inadequate nutrition (many only getting one “meal” a day), environments with limited or no appropriate sanitation, unbearable heat and humidity or unspeakable cold and dampness, and very limited medical care available. Good News brings the hope of Jesus Christ. Byanzi is a juvenile facility in Malawi with about 250 young men. Located in Dowa, the chaplain is McDonald Nkhoma.

The Mansa Correctional Facility is located in Mansa, Zambia is one of the least developed among Zambia’s 54 Correction Facilities. The facility which was meant initially for 150 inmates houses close to 400 which is 267% occupancy. Inmates sleep in shifts which results in the inmates dozing during ministry and others complaining of being unwell for lack of proper rest. Please pray for the Zambia Director Samuel Kawilila and the volunteers who minister there.