FCC Statement on the Christian and Social Order

The history of the world since the fall of mankind has been a story of selfishness and strife.  Though God created each of us in His image to love and respect one another, ever since we turned against Him we have turned to hatred and disdain for one another: contention between husband and wife, murderous envy between brothers, and racial discrimination and violence.  We need look no further than our own country's history to see evidence of the enmity and cruelty that spring from our hearts when we seek our own will instead of our Creator's.  Racial tension persists in our society to this day, even though it is often invisible to many of us.

But God brought His own Son into our world when we were hopelessly caught in this chaos.  Through Jesus He has reconciled people "from every tribe and language and people and nation" to Himself in "one new man", bringing peace between God and people, and peace among His people.  Because God welcomed us when we had rebelled against Him, He calls us to welcome one other in the same way.  Because God forgave us, He calls us to forgive one another.  Because Jesus humbled Himself, taking the form of a servant, so must we throw aside any presumption of superiority and serve one another.

As Christians, and as Faith Community Church we stand on a very solid foundation when our focus is on the transforming power of Jesus Christ. Hence, we affirm the following (adapted from the 2000 statement of the Southern Baptist Convention about the Christian and Social Order): All Christians are under obligation to seek to make the will of Christ supreme in our own lives and in human society. Means and methods used for the improvement of society and the establishment of righteousness among men can be truly and permanently helpful only when they are rooted in the regeneration of the individual by the saving grace of God in Jesus Christ. In the spirit of Christ,

Christians should oppose racism, every form of greed, selfishness, and vice, and all forms of sexual immorality, including adultery, homosexuality, and pornography. We should work to provide for the orphaned, the needy, the abused, the aged, the helpless, and the sick. We should speak on behalf of the unborn and contend for the sanctity of all human life from conception to natural death.

Every Christian should seek to bring industry, government, and society as a whole under the sway of the principles of righteousness, truth, and brotherly love. In order to promote these ends Christians should be ready to work with all men of good will in any good cause, to hear the concerns of others, to seek discernment from the Holy Spirit and God’s Word about where they have fallen short, always being careful to act in the spirit of love without compromising their loyalty to Christ and His truth.
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