December 5 Worship Service

We ask that all children, teachers, and helpers wear masks while indoors during elementary Children’s Ministry classes during the 9:00 a.m. service and the KidZone program.  Masks will not be expected in the Children’s Ministry classes in the 11:15 a.m. service.   

By designating classes in this way, our goal is to enable as many children as possible to experience God’s love and learn from His Word.  

We continue to join the state in recommending that anyone who has health concerns continue to wear their masks in our services. This continues to be a great time for us to practice principles of brotherly love by working together though these ever changing times. If you choose to not wear a mask, honor those who have health concerns as you greet them.

In all these things our faith is in Christ alone, and our only hope is the eternal security He provides for all who trust in Him, even as we seek to make loving, wise decisions as long as we remain on earth to do His will. For the full statement, please CLICK HERE

Children's Bible Study, K-5th grade at 9:00a
Registration is no longer required for adults; however, please note that registration is still requested for children. We use positive ID in our checkin system and it is a great help to have the children pre-registered. Please register your children, to help us plan.

Adult Bible Studies at 10:15

 ATTRIBUTES OF GOD and Prayer time - Our nation, church, and families are in crisis and the only lasting solution is intercessory prayer. This Study looks at an aspect of God’s eternal attributes, and then spends the second half the class in concerted and focused prayer. There is something encouraging and powerful about joining together as a family to pray.

THE MARRIAGE OF YOUR DREAMS - Dream bigger, love better, and experience a deeper relationship with God and your spouse than ever before. Paul Tripp’s video series helps you discover how in his newest study. Paul Tripp issues a challenge for couples to roll up their sleeves, get to work, and do what it takes to build a god-honoring relationship. Each session is insightful, practical, and effective advice on how to construct a loving, growing, grace-soaked marriage

Students and Kids
KidZoneLIVE! with Adam Coleman for ages 3yr. - 5th grade. In-person KidZoneLIVE! is our time for Kindergartners through 5th grade to worship through music, games and a Bible lessen.

Middle School & High School will be studying the Letters of John

December 5 @ 7:00p  Sr High Youth Group

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