K.D. bhutt

Serving with Temple of Christ Fellowship

K.D. and his family are involved in a ministry that is unique in North India. Born a high caste Hindu, K.D. searched for peace but did not find it in Hinduism. Finally, after years of seeking, he found what he was looking for in Jesus Christ. In 1975 he planted a church in Kurukshetra, the birth place of Hinduism. The church, known as Temple of Christ Fellowship, ministers to educated and high caste Hindus as well as foreign students studying in one of the many universities located in Kurukshetra.

Pray for protection for K.D. and his family. Rejoice with K.D. as many more men and women are coming to a saving knowledge of Jesus. Pray as Temple of Christ Fellowship continues to raise funds to construct a new high school, purchase a new generator and a new van for evangelism. Praise as the church continues to expand as a result of their ministries.

The Christian presence in India is only about 1% among more than a billion people. Most Christian work is with the tribal and low caste people, with almost no outreach toward the high caste Hindus, even though they number almost 600 million. Kurukshetra boasts a large university, an engineering college, and a medical college. The population of the city is more than one million people who need the Gospel of Christ.